"Dirty Air" lands after earlier singles "Satellite" and "Talk".

Vocalist Alex Trimble says of the new single, "I thought what if we celebrated the end of the world and just had a big party."

False Alarm is Two Door Cinema Club's fourth album, after 2016's Gameshow.

On their pop-directed sound, Trimble says, "I love the pop thing. I love experimenting and going to different places, I love doing things that are a little bit wonky and I love the idea of doing something we haven’t done before, why can’t we do all of those things at once? That’s what it was, doing whatever felt right… It sounds like Two Door Cinema Club – not a Two Door Cinema Club there’d ever been before but that’s what I love. We can always do something new but it always feels like something we’ve done."

"Dirty Air" is out now. False Alarm arrives 21 June via Prolifica Inc / [PIAS]. Two Door Cinema Club play Glastonbury in June. Find out more.