"hold yourself." marks Tune-Yards' first release of 2021 and will feature on sketchy. alongside last year's album opener "nowhere, man".

Tune-Yards' Merrill Garbus says of the new track, "This song is about feeling really betrayed, by my parents’ generation, and at the same time, really seeing how we are betraying the future."

sketchy. will follow Tune-Yards' 2018 album I can feel you creep into my private life, and was created after Garbus and bandmate Nate Brenner started jamming for hours in their home rehearsal studio on a daily basis with live instruments. Garbus says, "I started remembering that people come to us to be entertained, to move, to feel joy. And together, I think, we can wake up."


  1. nowhere, man
  2. make it right.
  3. hypnotized
  4. homewrecker
  5. silence pt. 1 (when we say “we”)
  6. silence pt. 2 (who is “we”?)
  7. hold yourself.
  8. sometime
  9. under your lip
  10. my neighbor
  11. be not afraid.
"hold yourself." is out now. Tune-Yards' sketchy. album will be released via 4AD on 26 March, and is available to pre-order now.