Yesterday (9 December) Muzz released their Covers EP, featuring renditions of tracks by Arthur Russell, Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman and Mazzy Star.

This Is The Kit decided to share their cover of Muzz's "Bad Feeling" yesterday to coincide with the band's Covers EP. The cover of Muzz also comes after Muzz's Josh Kaufman producing work on This Is The Kit's Off Off On album.

The band's Kate Stables wrote of the cover on YouTube, "I know I'm not the only one for whom "Bad Feeling" by Muzz has been one hell of a soothing balm through this tumultuous year. And so this summer we learnt how to play it with our pals Roamin Vasset and Lucien Chatin. It was recorded and filmed by our friends Matteo Fabbri, Anne-Laure Etienne and Pierre Paturel, and edited by our very own Jesse D Vernon. And seeing as Muzz have released their Covers EP, it seems like a suitable time to share with you our own Muzz cover."

This Is The Kit's cover of Muzz's "Bad Feeling" is available to watch on YouTube now.