Off Off On was released inn October 2020, and in December This Is The Kit unveiled a cover of Muzz's "Bad Feeling", which features on their new Off Off Oddities EP that's out today (15 June).

The seven-track EP includes alternate and instrumental versions of songs from their 2020 album, including "Keep Going (Desert Island Version)" that arrived earlier this month, as well as an exclusive track called "Recommencer", which is the French version of "Started Again", recorded with Mina Tindle.

Lead vocalist Kate Stables writes of the Mina Tindle collaboration, "Mina Tindle has become a really important collaborator and friend over recent years. An important member of of my French musical family. I wanted to explore the idea of translating some of the songs from Off Off On into French and so I asked her if she was up for giving this song a go. The poetry and skill she weaves into both French and English made her the perfect candidate for the challenge and the translation she did is so so great. And then I really wanted to record a version of the song just the two of us singing it together."

Stables adds of the EP, "In the making of an album there are inevitably bits and bobs that don’t get used. And sometimes you feel like sharing them with folks to kind of show a bit the story and geology and important people who played a part in the album’s making and releasing."


  1. Recommencer (feat. Mina Tindle)
  2. Was Magician (Live at L’Épicerie Moderne.)
  3. Found Out (Horns Version)
  4. Coming to Get You Nowhere (Joe's Garage Version)
  5. Keep Going (Desert Island Version)
  6. Slider (Lorenzo Saxophone Dub)
  7. Bad Feeling
This Is The Kit's Off Off Oddities EP is out now on Rough Trade Records. They're due to play London's Royal Albert Hall on 8 March 2022. Visit for tickets.