Yesterday (1 May) Kenny Beats praised Grande, Rosalía, King Princess and Doja Cat on Twitter while highlighting that we "NEED TO TALK MORE ABOUT WOMEN PRODUCERS EVERYDAY."

Kenny Beats wrote that Grande is "insane at comping vocals with 100 stacks," while Rosalía "engineers herself at the highest level". He added that King Princess "will walk around a room and play everything and track alone," and wrote that Doja Cat has "beats of her own that are unreal."

The Weeknd, who collaborated with Grande on a remix of "Save Your Tears" in April last year, responded to Kenny Beats' tweet, writing, "I’ve seen Ariana work in real time. That woman is a BEAST on Pro Tools."

King Princess also responded to Kenny Beats' tweet, writing, "love you Kenny Beats and it’s rad to have people like you big upping people like us. It’s easy to forget that ARTISTS, and especially women, lgbtq+ and poc artists put work in at the studio and often get overlooked as producers."

Last month it was revealed that the upcoming Wicked film adaptation starring Ariana Grande will be split into two movies.