The funeral for Keith Flint will be held this Friday (29 March) in his hometown of Braintree, Essex. The frontman died by suicide earlier this month aged 49.

Revealing the news of the funeral on Twitter, The Prodigy invited fans to line the funeral procession route "to pay their final respects & 'raise the roof' for Keef," adding, "If anyone wishes to lay flowers or tributes these should be sent to St Mary's church in Bocking, no later than 2pm Friday."

Although the funeral service is only open to "family and close friends", the band added, "there will be speakers relaying the ceremony outside the church for everyone to hear."

Last week a couple of murals appeared in cities around the UK, including portraits of Keith Flint in Southend and Peterborough.

A group of DJs are hosting shows around the UK until 3 May in memory of Keith Flint to fundraise for mental health charities. Find out more.