The Long Island pair - Brian and Michael D'Addario - are following up their 2016 debut Do Hollywood with this new six-track EP. We've already heard lead number "Night Song", with "Why Didn't You Say That?" bounding into our lives with retro charm in spades.

"In the beginning of 2015 we had songs left over from the Do Hollywoodsessions, so we decided to record them at home in New York on our 8-track," the brothers explain. "Many of you will recognize some of the songs from our live shows. They’ve changed a lot over the past year, but these are the original versions. We consider the EP the last chapter of the Do Hollywood era of our group. So enjoy!"

We recently sat down with The Lemon Twigs to find out what songs make them tick - here's what we found.


  1. Intro
  2. Why Didn't You Say That?
  3. So Fine
  4. Beautiful
  5. Night Song
  6. Light and Love
The Brothers Of Destruction EP is out 22 September via 4AD. You can pre-order the EP now.