"Black Dove" follows on from previous singles "Studie" featuring Panda Bear, and "Mirror Memory".

It also marks Sudan Archives' first feature since releasing her own "Confessions" single in August.

Teebs' new album Anicca is his first since 2014's E S T A R A. According to the press release, the record was mostly recorded at his home using a Roland SP-404 sampler, Mellotron M4000D synthesizer, seprewa (Ghanaian harp-lute), guitar, and laptop. Teebs says, "If you listen closely you might hear my daughter speaking or my wife typing on a laptop on the record."

Expanding on the album title, Teebs explains, "It’s a reminder to myself that nothing is permanent."

"Black Dove" is out now. Teebs' Anicca album will drop via Brainfeeder on 25 October, and is avaialble to pre-order now.