Suede have hinted that they will drop a new track at the beginning of next week.

As The Quietus point out, frontman Brett Anderson took to the group’s official messageboard earlier this week to post the following, what clearly seem to be lyrics of some sort:

“Aniseed kisses and lipstick traces, lemonade sipped in Belgian rooms couldn’t replace the graceful notions that clung to me when i clung to you,
And they touch you like no one touched you,and when you broke they were there with glue, and their kindness was not a weakness and when they were there they were there for you,
But will they love you, the way, the way i loved you ? we jumped over the barriers.”


The thread in question was entitled ‘EARLY NEXT WEEK’, so I guess you should keep your eyes peeled for then.

Meanwhile, fans of the Britpop band are predicting that the song is ‘Barriers’, the rumoured opener off the band’s upcoming new album.

Suede recently announced that they’ll release a new record in the spring, while also playing a show at London’s Alexandra Palace on 30 March 2013