Simz's new LP is the follow up to acclaimed debut A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons, and focuses on a "story of personal evolution". It features already-heard cuts such as "Poison Ivy" and "Picture Perfect".

Late last night Simz shared a statement about the record, thanking fans and collaborators and explaining the concepts behind her new record.

As well as the album Simz is releasing a four-part comic book series inspired by her music, written by Eddie "Versetti" Smith with art by McKay Felt.

A press release explains a bit more about the series: "It's set in a world of normal and superpowered individuals, augmented realities, ever growing mistrust, misinformation, and corruption spearheaded by The Control Corp, where we find Ms. Ajikawo aka Little Simz - a KING level superhuman - at a crossroad in her journey and follow her journey into the infamous 'WONDERLAND' to find herself, her focus, and her 'White Rabbit'." 

Stillness In Wonderland is out now via Age:101. Get it now.