Following on from having their music video played in the back of New York cabs, Sigur Rós have upped the ‘Bizarre News Headline’ stakes once again by selling their own scented candle.

The candles in question are called ‘Varðeldur’ and are said to smell like their Icelandic studio. The band are saying it smells of “‘instant Iceland” or “driftwood campfire”.

As the band put it:

“The smoky, slightly briny smell of a flotsam campfire on a distant black beach under a wan midnight sun. And, most recently, the smell of Sigur Rós’s studio, while they go about the quasi-mystical business of making the magic happen. Specially developed to the band’s olfactory specifications, this candle burns for 35 evocative hours of “instant Iceland”, or something like that.”


You can buy the candles here, if you do so wish. Have a glance at what they look like below: