"Better Now" is the second single to be shared from SebastiAn's Thirst album, after May's Gallant collaboration "Run For Me", and "Beograd".

SebastiAn's Thirst album will follow his 2011 debut Total, and will feature collaborations with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Syd, Bakar, Allan Kingdom, Sunni Colòn, and more.


  1. Thirst
  2. Doorman (feat. Syd)
  3. Movement
  4. Better Now (feat. Mayer Hawthorne)
  5. Pleasant (feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg)
  6. Yebo (feat. Allan Kingdom)
  7. Sev (feat. Sevdaliza)
  8. Sweet (feat. Loota)
  9. Sober (feat. Bakar)
  10. Time to Talk (feat. Sunni Colòn)
  11. Beograd
  12. Handcuffed to a Parking Meter (feat. Sparks)
  13. Devoyka
  14. Run for Me (feat. Gallant)
"Better Now" is out now. SebastiAn's Thirst album will be released 8 November via Ed Banger Records / Because Music.