Robyn has revealed she’s currently at work on a new album.

The electro-pop maestro told Pitchfork at their recent festival in Paris:

“These are my last five shows, then I’m supposed to be in the studio. I can’t write and tour at the same time. I can record and tour at the same time, but I can’t write and tour.”


The Swedish singer also spoke about how the new wave of rap stars has inspired her new album.

“I kind of lost faith in hip-hop a couple years ago and I’m starting to like, maybe, have people convince me again because of A$AP Rocky and all these people that are coming out now, they have this new energy, you know.”


Elsewhere in the interview, Robyn also lists other influences such as Balearic house, Kindness, Metronomy, Freddie Mercury and her parents.

She last released the Body Talk album series in 2010.