After revealing last week on Twitter that she's "already written enough amazing new songs for a second album", Sawayama spoke to Chester Lockhart on Twitch yesterday (9 May), and provided a little bit more information about her follow up to last year's SAWAYAMA album.

She told Lockhart that she's already written "so much new music" and has around "15 or 16 songs" that she's pretty happy with.

Sawayama also said, "This record is even more personal than the previous one, and i'll get into it when I finish the album ... I've been working on it with people, a lot of people that i've worked with before," and went on to name Clarence Clarity, Oscar Scheller, Lauren Aquilina and Paul Epworth.

When speaking about Paul Epworth (Adele, Florence + the Machine, Rihanna), Sawayama said they had a couple of sessions and "wrote like three songs together".

On her plans to finish the album, Sawayama added, "My plan is to hopefully finish writing the record in LA, and then i'll probably wrap it - hopefully - before the end of the year for it to come out in 2022 sometime."

Last month Rina Sawayama performed "Dynasty" live for the first time during her NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert.