Rina Sawayama's "Cherry" is the second track revealed in 2018, following "Valentine (What's It Gonna Be)" that arrived in June.

Speaking about her new track, Sawayama explains, “I've always written songs about girls. I don't think I've ever mentioned a guy in my songs, and that's why I wanted to talk about it. For me there's still a lack of representation. I just think the reason why I wasn't so comfortable with my sexuality was because there was no one on TV or anywhere that I could point at and go,"Look mum! This person is what I was talking about!”

Rina Sawayama has had a busy year. So far she's teamed up with Shamir on her track “Tunnel Vision”, had a Clash Magazine cover, performed with Charli XCX at her Pop 2 London show, and more.

Her last album was her self-titled mini-release RINA.

"Cherry" is available now. Rina Sawayama embarks on a US tour in September and does a one-off London show at Heaven on 19 October. Find out more.