The uplifting "Good People" follows on from Lewis' isolation track "The Sun Will Rise", and will feature on Lewis' debut LP alongside earlier singles "Better Than Today", "When Was The Last Time?", "What If" and "Be Your Man".

He says of his latest outing, "Pursuing a career in music, a career in anything for that matter, can be all-consuming and easily become an obsession. Obsessions have a tendency to push other things to the peripheries of life, and before you know it you’ve lost sight of everything else all together. It sometimes feels like a big boulder that you can’t stop pushing uphill for fear that will roll in the wrong direction, crushing you on the way back down to square one. So you focus all your energy on the boulder and, as a consequence, have little of it left to offer anything or anyone else. Luckily for me, my friends and family were always understanding of my commitment to what I was doing, accepting of my absence in their lives and unconditionally supportive whenever I needed to call upon them for it. So this song is a thank you, of sorts; a celebration of the people in my life that have always been there for me."

Rhys Lewis' "Good People" single is out now. His debut LP Things I Chose to Remember lands 10 July via Decca Records, and is available to pre-order now.