"Steady" is the third single to be lifted from When We Stay Alive, after last year's "Forget Me Now" and "Driving" singles.

Leaneagh says of the new track, "It’s about looking around and realizing you and your kiddos are all alone and feeling terrified about taking care of it all and raising good humans to boot. I see my own weaknesses looking back at me everyday as a parent and I've also found my strengths. Building our own family and foundation."

When We Stay Alive will be Poliça's first LP since collaborating with s t a r g a z e on 2018's Music for the Long Emergency.

Half of Poliça's new album was written before Leaneagh's 10-foot fall, and half during her recovery, but Leaneagh wants to focus on the future, "I had been living unconsciously in past trauma. I don’t want to deny something happened - this is not about repression - it’s about taking the power back from the past, holding the power in the present, and creating a new story for myself."

"Steady" is out now. Poliça's new album When We Stay Alive will arrive 24 January via Memphis Industries. They play London's Village Underground on 11 February. Find out more.