The new track follows earlier outings "Take Your Time" and lead single "What I Need", and while the instrumentation is vibrant, the lyrics tell a darker story of someone experiencing imposter syndrome.

Pearl Charles explains, "On the surface "Imposter" sounds like a sun-soaked day, but there is a darkness that lurks beneath. An experience reminiscent of Ram Dass' first trip in Be Here Now, "Imposter" tells the story of someone wrestling with their larger cosmic identity beyond the human form and deals with the general idea of 'Imposter Syndrome', feeling like a fraud despite your qualifications and accomplishments, which many professional women struggle with."

Magic Mirror will follow on from Pearl Charles' 2018 album Sleepless Dreamer.

"Imposter" is out now. Pearl Charles' Magic Mirror album will be released 15 January 2021 on Kanine Records, and is available to pre-order now.