"What I Need" is the first new release from Pearl Charles since releasing her demo and outtake EP Between Dreams in July.

Speaking about her new single, Pearl Charles says, "Have you ever stuck with something long after it was time to let go? "What I Need" explores this choice in terms of a breakup, though it could really be applied to any situation that is no longer serving you. It's the age-old story of wanting to stay in a comfortable relationship but knowing that you have to move on for personal growth, and the fear and uncertainty that being alone will bring, even though it's for the best."

Magic Mirror will follow on from her 2018 album Sleepless Dreamer.


  1. Only for Tonight
  2. What I Need
  3. Imposter
  4. Don't Feel Like Myself
  5. Magic Mirror
  6. Slipping Away
  7. All the Way
  8. Take Your Time
  9. Sweet Sunshine Wine
  10. As Long As You're Mine
"What I Need" is out now. Pearl Charles' Magic Mirror album will be released 15 January 2021 on Kanine Records, and is available to pre-order now.