Greta Thunberg has won the hearts of many across the globe for her determination in trying to raise awareness for climate change.

Having turned 17 today (3 January), Patti Smith has shared a poem about the environmental activist on Instagram.

Smith writes, "This is Greta Thunberg, turning seventeen today, asking for no accolade, no gifts, save we not be neutral. The Earth knows its kind, just as all deities, just as animals and the healing spring. Happy birthday to Greta, who stood today, as every Friday, refusing to be neutral."

The last part of Smith's poem refers to Thunberg's appearances at the protests outside the Swedish parliament every week. She's there again today, on her 17th birthday.

In October 2019, ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus shared a video message supporting Greta Thunberg.