"Virile" is Sumney's first offering since appearing on Bryce Dessner's classical piece "Tenebre" in September.

Sumney also makes his directorial debut with the accompanying visual. He says, "In a post-human world, the last remaining man is caught between Beauty and Brutality's battle to dominate the earth and his body."

græ is a double album, and is the second record from Sumney after dropping his debut LP Aromanticism in 2017. The first half will be released February 2020, with the second half set to land in May.

Sumney has been far from quiet since releasing Aromanticism. Last year he released his Black In Deep Red, 2014 EP, and he also featured on James Blake's "Tell Them" from his Assume Form record earlier this year.


Part One

  1. Insula
  2. Cut Me
  3. In Bloom
  4. Virile
  5. Conveyor
  6. boxes
  7. Gagarin
  8. jill/jack
  9. Colouour
  10. also also also and and and
  11. Neither/Nor
  12. Polly

Part Two

  1. Two Dogs
  2. Bystanders
  3. Me in 20 Years
  4. Keeps Me Alive
  5. Lucky Me
  6. and so I come to isolation
  7. Bless Me
  8. before you go
"Virile" is out now. Moses Sumney's full græ album will arrive 15 May via Jagjaguwar, with Part One due to arrive in February 2020.