The track appears on Orchestral Variations, an instrumental edition of their self-titled debut LP released last summer, and follows the band's "Cogs" reinterpretation in previewing the release.

Hand Held Cine Club - Editors' Justin Lockey and filmmaker brother James Lockey - created the jaw-dropping visuals for the new single. Filled with the alien-like movements of jellyfish, the monochrome clip mirrors the fluidity of Minor Victories' skeletal new offering.

Speaking about the new album, Justin says: "When we were putting together the Minor Victories album, a lot of the music came about through string arrangements, motifs, melodies, countermelodies and other such noodlings I was messing about with. This record kind of takes it back to that initial point, and re-imagines the whole record from that standpoint - the bare bones, the hint at a vocal melody, not relying on any backbeat - but stripping the songs back to the base elements and then piece-by-piece making an entirely new record. It takes the songs and elements around them and the phrases into a new place, mostly born out of hindsight and I guess a curiosity to fuck around with it all long enough until it sounded right to my ear. From all that an entirely new record was formed. It's not a remix album, or B-sides... it's just another way at looking/hearing things."

Minor Victories comprises Slowdive's Rachel Goswell, Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, and the brothers Lockey.

Orchestral Variations is released 27 January via Play It Again Sam. Pre-order now.