Last Friday (10 April), MARINA hosted a songwriting session. Prior to hosting it, MARINA revealed that she would be talking about how she wrote Froot and "To Be Human", along with some questions from fans too.

During the session, MARINA played part of an unreleased track, which she titled "Pink Convertible" on her laptop, despite telling fans "I can't show you the title."

The track is supposedly due to appear on MARINA's fifth album, which she's been working on while in isolation. Last year she released her double album LOVE + FEAR.

Back in February MARINA released "About Love", a song that features on Netflix film To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

MARINA's songwriting session was part of Bose's #MusicGivesBack series, which sees the company donate to charities of the musicians' choice - MARINA's choice was to donate to Women's Aid and Los Angeles Mission.

There's no indication as to when MARINA's new track "Pink Convertible" might be released.