"Whatever Simon Says" follows Mahalia's February single "Letter To Ur Ex", and arrives with a self-directed video.

Mahalia says of the new release, "Everybody who knows me knows that I definitely don’t follow social norms and shitty beauty standards. I’ve always been someone who has never let people try to change me - especially my romantic partners. This song is about wanting it to work with someone but knowing it ultimately can’t because their expectation of what type of woman I should be is just far too high. I feel like "Whatever Simon Says" is every girls 'fuck you' to the system that has always been set up through a male gaze. It’s us saying that we are going to be everything we want to be because we want it. And not because a man tells us to."

She's yet to follow up her 2019 debut album Love And Compromise.

Mahalia's "Whatever Simon Says" single is out now on Atlantic Records.