"Letter To Ur Ex" is Mahalia's first outing since teaming up with AJ Tracey on "Roadside" last October, and arrives with a video directed by Mahalia and Oliver Kane.

Mahalia says of the release, "I wrote "Letter To Ur Ex" the morning after me and my guy had had a really bad argument due to a text that had been sent by his ex partner the night before. I think when everybody begins a new relationship, it’s vital that it feels like a fresh start. Like everything before doesn’t really matter and the next journey begins now with only the two of you. I realised through this experience that isn’t always the case. But, really, I just wanted to tell her how her actions were making me feel. How her gain in closure was my loss in love. And though I am also a woman who has felt all of those feelings before, I wanted to ask her to let him go so that I could hold him close. To close their old door so that I could open our new one."

She's yet to follow up her 2019 debut album Love And Compromise.

Mahalia's "Letter To Ur Ex" single is out now on Atlantic Records.