Last month Nick Jonas returned with new solo single "Spaceman", and yesterday (1 March) Lolo Zouaï highlighted the similarities between the introductions for her 2019 Blood Orange collaboration "Jade" and his "Spaceman" track.

She wrote on Twitter alongside the clip of the two tracks, "remember when u flew me out to la to sign me then ghosted me."

Zouaï added a screenshot of her beginning a text conversation with Jonas, writing, "Should I do it."

One fan responded, "is that what "high highs to low lows" was written about!?" Zouaï responded, "Its a part of it yes. I never wanted to name drop but fuck it at this point."

Zouaï also replied to a fan highlighting that the introduction is very common in R&B and that the similarities "aren't a story", leading Zouaï to respond, "You’re right :) I never said anything, just put them next to each other."

Lolo Zouaï is yet to follow up last year's Beautiful Lies EP.