Parisian-born Lolo Zouiaï has revealed a new double-sided single called Ocean Beach. The single unveils a collaboration with Blood Orange, his first feature and new material since last year's stunning Negro Swan.

"Jade" is the new collaboration, which arrives with visuals directed by Nick Harwood.

Expanding on the single, Zouiaï explains, ""Jade" is the feeling of feeling nothing... being numb to all the beauty around you because you’re stuck in your own head. But then at the same time there’s something beautiful about pain and sadness. "Jade" plays on that string between beauty and pain. I think Dev and I both stepped out of our comfort zones for this song to create our own world."

She adds, "We shot the video at a house in LA at the end of last year. The place was listed online as ‘Legendary Sunset Hollywood Villa’. It was actually where they shot the original Ocean’s 11 with Frank Sinatra, so the place already had that classic cinematic energy."

The other single to feature on the double-sided single is "Lose Myself", which Zouaï produced herself. Expanding on taking the reigns, she explains, "I wanted to take a step back and look at how far I’ve come, so I made two songs dedicated to my hometown: San Francisco. As my career continues to progress, I want to make sure that I don’t lose sight of why I started making music. Growing up I’d spend a lot of time at Ocean Beach thinking and writing lyrics. I needed to remind myself that I used to be in my bedroom producing, wondering how I was gonna get my music out there. In the music industry it’s easy to feel jaded and lose the passion that made you want to start in the first place.”

Both singles on Ocean Beach are out now.