"Transition" is the latest in a healthy string of beguiling releases from Hassan and Frost - we've already had a few tracks from the duo, including "Dadum", "Miracle Waves", "Soothe", and a glorious cover of Nine Inch Nails.

The single comes with a delightfully woozy video by Simone Pellegrini and Giorgio Testi shot at London's Electrowerkz.

"The style of the video was directly influenced by the track title," say the directors. "Considering the strong visual element of Kite Base shows - frontal projections reacting in sync to the music (beautifully executed by Dan Conway) - we thought to position four static cameras front of house to capture the action on stage, all from the same point of view but with different shot sizes. In addition to this, we added two very steady hand held cameras in the pit and side of stage. This basically created something like a big frame from which we made all the camera movements in post, by scanning into the frame or zooming in and out in the same way you would do when looking at stills on a smart phone. This created the feeling of a continuous long camera movement, with scenes transitioning seamlessly into one another. The whole project was a team effort from start to finish: Simone and Giorgio as directors and camera ops, Eleonora as camera op and editor; Paul Dimond at My Brother Bob gave a final cooler look to the video in the grade."

"Transition" is due out 13 February - just ahead of the pair's upcoming European tour, which includes a London show in March. Find out more.


  1. Transition
  2. Dadum
  3. Blueprint
  4. Erase
  5. Soothe
  6. Peripheral Vision
  7. Nineteen
  8. Grids
  9. Miracle Waves
Latent Whispers is released in May - you can pre-order now via Pledge Music.