Back in February Kim Petras delivered her seven-track project Slut Pop, and while fans are still waiting for her debut album that was expected to arrive this year, Petras shared an update in a now-deleted post on Instagram.

In the post, Petras wrote, "I don't know what's gonna happen next. Please don't be cruel. I've written three albums worth of songs. I've cried my eyes out for months. I try not to give up."

Earlier this morning (27 April) Petras shared another update, apologising for being "an alarmist". Petras added, "I just want my album out as much as you and I hear you and I'm super focused on it. Idiot girl shit. I cry about shoes being stunning and BLACKPINK documentaries and the stupidest shit."

In August 2021 Kim Petras released the first single from her debut album, "Future Starts Now".