Last Friday (13 December), Paris Hilton interviewed Kim Petras ahead of The Streamy Awards 2019, where they spoke about going in the studio to work on a new song together.

Hilton said "I'm very excited to go into the studio together," to which Petras replied, "I know! I feel like I have a song, finally, and it’s been way too long and we gotta freakin' do it soon."

Paris Hilton then went on to say, "It's gonna be iconic AF!" Petras responded, "Definitely the most iconic thing ever and I finally feel like I have the idea. I promised you when we first met that we gotta do a song together, but it's got to be good. It's gotta be great!"

Paris Hilton starred in Petras' "I Want It All" video from 2017.

Petras hasn't released new music since October's TURN OFF THE LIGHT Halloween record.

Back in October Kim Petras spoke to Best Fit about her Clarity project.