The queen of milkshakes is using her culinary skills to launch a new cooking competition show on Netflix.

Kelis' weed-themed food show Cooked with Cannabis will see three professional chefs go head-to-head in each episode (there's six in total) to cook a three-course, weed-infused meal, with the hope of bagging $10,000 at the end.

When announcing the show (which is due to arrive on 4/20 of course) on socials yesterday (18 March), Kelis wrote, "As a chef, I was intrigued by the food + as an everyday person, I was interested in how powerful this topic is in today's society. I hope you all will tune in, it'll be a good time!"

Kelis will host the show alongside Portland chef Leather Storrs. According to i-D, Storrs said of their show, "Cooked with Cannabis is a show where weed is a seasoning rather than the reason. It's granular, educational, heartfelt and smart. The contestants had personal and romantic relationships with the herb and they knew its intricacies: medically, chemically, spiritually and as an intoxicant. Further, there was a real sense of community and camaraderie."

Kelis' Cooked with Cannabis show lands on Netflix on 20 April.