"No Love Lost" is the third track to be shared from Henson's Fragments EP, following last month's "Before Growing Old" and May's "Limb".

Henson says the new song is "a sideways look at being left behind, less a love song and more a "don't worry I’ll be fine song", though I don’t know how much I believe him."

Fragments will follow last year's Monument album, and will include a collaboration with Julien Baker.


  1. A Cassette Interlude
  2. Limb
  3. Before Growing Old
  4. Marionette (with Julien Baker)
  5. New Kid
  6. Invite
  7. No Love Lost
  8. For Kiran
"No Love Lost" is out now. Keaton Henson's Fragments EP will be released digitally on 27 August.