Goodman (of La Sera) and Morgan (of Springtime Carnivore, Gold Motel, and The Hush Sound) have combined to create a collection of punk covers called Take It, It's Yours, and have already released renditions of The Replacements' "Bastards Of Yong", and the Gun Club's "Sex Beat". This latest release of the Buzzcocks' "Ever Fallen In Love" has maintained the high standard of these reworks, setting high expectations for the album.

The video is a simple affair that works with pragmatic effect, with the retro, calming visuals complimenting Goodman and Morgan's tranquil, atmospheric take on the frantic original. The video highlights the importance of the harmonies as the driving force of this cover, and places the focus on the strong vocals of the pair. 

Take It, It’s Yours is out 26 August on Polyvinyl.

See the visuals for "Ever Fallen In Love" below.