Juniore's forthcoming album will feature recent singles "Ah bah d'accord" and "En Solitaire".

Un Deux Trois will be Juniore's first album since 2017's Ouh là là.

Juniore's vocalist Anna-Jean says of their forthcoming LP, "We’ve become more connected and better musicians. I think the new songs are full of that wonderful conversation we have with each other on stage."


  1. Soudain
  2. Grave
  3. Drôle D'Histoire
  4. En Solitaire
  5. Walili
  6. La Vérité Nue
  7. Bizarre
  8. Tu Mens
  9. Que La Nuit
  10. Ah Bah D'Accord
  11. Adolescent
Juniore's Un Deux Trois album arrives via Outré on 28 February 2020. They play London's Bush Hall on 29 April 2020. Find out more.