On Monday evening (6 July), Jess Glynne called out Sexy Fish restaurant in Mayfair, London, claiming she was turned away based on her attire. She was wearing a grey oversized hoodie, jogging bottoms, trainers and a black cap. Sexy Fish's dress code states "We request that guests do not wear sportswear, beachwear. ripped jeans, flip flops, sliders or workout trainers (smarter, fashion trainers may be permitted)."

She wrote, "Sexy Fish please check yourself if this is how you treat people cause it’s rude, off putting, embarrassing and most definitely not inviting. We were made to wait and two members of staff came to look at us and make a decision based on our appearance. I think the attitude of your staff needs to change as that was pure discrimination. Thanks and bye."

Glynne's post was heavily criticised for her use of the word "discrimination", provoking her to post a video clarifying her comments yesterday (7 July).

In the video, Glynne does not apologise, but says, "Look, I used the wrong word "discrimination", I take that back, it wasn't the right word, it was wrong."

She goes on to explain the reason behind her original post, saying, "Basically, all I wanted to say was that I felt it was very rude and disrespectful in the way that the Sexy Fish staff were towards me and my friend yesterday and I don’t believe anybody should be spoken to like that and that’s what I wanted to highlight."

Glynne added that she's "so understanding and respectful of dress codes and etiquette."

Last month, Jess Glynne was confirmed to play Isle of Wight 2021 despite receiving a lifetime ban the year before.