"Dry Gulched On Rodeo Drive" is Lytle's first single since last year's 11-minute instrumental for his late dog Tippy.

Announcing his new album on Twitter, Lytle wrote, "It was a bit of a departure from others...this one being all instrumental with the focus being simple songs with distinct themes played on a RolandJuno60 synthesizer and a Nylon string guitar and then lovingly edited."

Speaking to Brooklyn Vegan about the new record, Lytle said, "I wondered how working within these limitations would end up.... Turns out it was a pretty fulfilling exercise just concentrating on going deep and trying to achieve certain feelings based on the song titles and subject matter I was chasing."


  1. Hitch Your Wagon To A Falling Star
  2. Change Of Address / 433 Eros
  3. Geese Over Sunlight Ace
  4. Don’t Wanna Be There For All That Stuff
  5. Dry Gulched On Rodeo Drive
  6. 15 Items Or Lesson You
  7. Iris Leader Evening Footage
  8. Headed To The No Light District
"Dry Gulched On Rodeo Drive" is out now. Arthur King Presents Jason Lytle: NYLONANDJUNO will be released 16 August via Dangerbird Records, and is available to pre-order now.