In our 8.5/10 review of the album, we said:

"Jamie T still displays a talent for immense melody, poignant lyricism and an intuitive eye on the human condition. No longer is he roaming the streets with his best buds, drinking Bud and smoking bud, looking for a fight and a fuck. He left his hometown doe-eyed and with a fiery passion; he returns spurned, destitute and more than a little numb, but with no other place to call home. With that, he remains, as ever, the perfect everyman."

In the clip for "Rabbit Hole", we see a "Seven Nation Army"-ish setup, with neon graffiti, a never ending kaleidoscope of Instagram-filter postcards, and T, strumming away sans care in the world.

Watch below.

Jamie T's first album in far too many years, Carry On The Grudge, is out now.