It's been a few months since James Blake released his latest single "You're Too Precious".

Since then, Blake has been keeping busy by performing a number of isolation livestreams with a few covers thrown in there, including Nirvana's "Come As You Are", and he featured on Kehlani's It Was Good Until It Wasn’t track "Grieving".

Yesterday (5 July) on socials, Blake uploaded a 24-second Twitter audio note that appears to play an unreleased track.

Blake then followed it up an hour later with the same clip of music playing over a flicking montage of images that reads, "Are you even real?" - a possible hint at the track's title.

On Instagram, Blake captioned the post with potential lyrics from the song, "Trip down the hill, strawberry fields, are you even real? She said ‘tell me how you feel’, ‘are you even real?’, ‘are you even real?’"

James Blake hasn't confirmed if the clip is teasing a new song.