"Woman" links up with "Tablelands" and "Precipice" to preview the New Zealand artist's forthcoming full-length, Precipice. This time around we see indi fusing brash blasts of symphonic brass with erratic whirrs of drum machine and synth, melting organic and synthetic worlds together to create a headrush of noise. It's another adrenaline-pumping slug from indi that has her eschewing traditional genre rules and carving her own path.

The track includes guest contributions from Mark Bingham, David Paligora, Christiaan Swanepoel, Kim Hunter, and Alex Eichelbaum.


  1. Demeter
  2. Cair Paravel
  3. Precipice
  4. Airportal
  5. Tablelands
  6. Woman
  7. Pith
  8. Cannibals
Precipice is out 22 September. "Woman" is out now.