A few months ago IDER returned with their first offering of 2018, "You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby".

Now the duo have returned with "Mirror", another glisteing synth-pop offering produced by MyRiot.

Explaining the story behind their new single, IDER explain, “The idea for ‘Mirror’ started with that moment when you get up in the middle of the night to have a wee and you catch yourself in the mirror and for a second, you don’t recognise yourself. We feel like everyone's done that - when you pull weird faces at yourself in the night time light to try and freak yourself out. The song is predominantly about going through a break up and realising that you have attached so much of your identity to that other person that you’re not sure who you are without them.”

"Mirror" is their second single of the year from IDER, who had a successful 2017 with singles "Body Love", "Learn To Let Go" and "Nevermind".

IDER's latest single "Mirror" is out now via Glassnote. Revisit our Nine Songs feature with IDER. The duo play Pitchfork's Avant Garde festival on October 30 in Paris. Find out more.