"Learn To Let Go" finds Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville shifting away from the fuck-you confidence of "Face On" to something approaching the openness and fragility of early singles "Sorry" and "Pulse".

While those harmonies are still present - and make you fall in love with IDER all over again every time you hear those voices in tandem, becoming an opaque oneness - there's a noticeably more pronounced guitar line shimmering through the track. It snakes in and out of the percussion clicks and soaring voices, drawing your ear; just when you think you know this duo they pull something new out of the bag.

"'Learn To Let Go' is best described by the feeling when you decide that you no longer care what anyone else thinks about you," IDER tells us, "realising that your own acceptance matters to you more than anyone else's."

It draws from the band's beginnings but "Learn To Let Go" shows that IDER are still just getting started.

"Learn To Let Go" is out today via Glassnote.