"1,000,000 x Better" is Griff's first outing since last month's "Say It Again", and is Honne's second drop of the day, having contributed to their backing singer BEKA's debut single "I’ll Be There".

Griff says of the collaboration, "HONNE DM’d me back in December saying they loved my music. I was already a huge fan, so we got together a couple of weeks later. We ended up writing "1,000,000 x Better" about having that one person in your life that can make you feel better. And like, despite having a bad week, a period of low mental health or whatever we struggle with day to day, there’s always that one person in your life that can make your troubles drop away as soon as you’re around them."

HONNE add, "You know that excited feeling you get when you discover some great new music? That’s the feeling we got when we first heard Griff. A friend of ours recommended we take a listen and we were instantly hooked. We awkwardly sent her an Instagram message and wrote the track in London together. We did some finishing touches in LA as we happened to both be out there at the same time, and caught her first show in the US (which was incredible). Working with Griff is effortless and we couldn’t be more excited for this song to come out."

Griff and HONNE's "1,000,000 x Better" single is out now on Warner Music.