Griff is an unstoppable force - when she isn’t busy designing and making her own clothes or filming music videos on her iPhone, she’s churning out effervescent anthems one after another. Her latest track “Say It Again” is no exception.

It's an effortless pop tune touching on self-worth and the hand we all needed to hold through difficult teenage years. "When I wrote 'Say It Again', a lot of my girlfriends were going through mental health issues, and I felt so helpless,” says Griff. “So this song is basically my helpless self trying to reassure a friend who's going through a really difficult time.”

Since cropping up unexpectedly in 2018 with “Mirror Talk” (even taking her classmates by surprise - many had no idea of her secret music-making endeavours until they heard her on Annie Mac), Griff has gone from high to high. The pop virtuoso is relentless in honing her craft - it’s no wonder she was recently nominated for the first ever Rising Star Ivor Novello Award.

"Say It Again" is out now via Warner Music. Find Griff on Instagram.