After announcing Moondust For My Diamond with lead single "The Universe Is Always Right" last month, Thorpe has unveiled a second offering titled "Parallel Kingdom".

He says of the track, "So much of our existence is an inconceivable wonder yet we’re so distracted that we rarely register the immenseness of the moment. Right there, beside us all along, is the wonder of everything."

Moondust For My Diamond will follow Thorpe's 2019 debut solo album Diviner, and according to Thorpe it explores "the meeting point between science and religion, the grand struggle for reality that shapes so much of our time."

He continues, "What about nature? What about the cosmos? What about all these things that break through the tyranny of the self? Our sense organs bring the world inside of us after all, I just had to sing it back out. I was enchanted again with the mystery of science and how I might speak from the heart in an age where metric is gospel."

"Parallel Kingdom" is out now. Hayden Thorpe's Moondust For My Diamond album will arrive 15 October via Domino, and is available to pre-order now.