The track links up with "Constant Growth Fails" and "Familiar Things Disappear" to preview the record - Volker Bertelmann's eight studio release as Hauschka.

"My Kids Live On Mars" is another haunting chapter in Bertelmann's futurist anthology, which imagines an Earth 30 years in the future and how it might look... for better or for worse. With glistening shards of synth swirling around the pianist's ubiquitous key talents, it's an eye-opening sonic journey that's both intimate and expansive.

"I had the idea of doing an album that is, in a way, a statement about the world in which we’re living and in which I see my kids growing up," says Bertelmann. "The more I feel questions being raised, the more I try to understand how activity is needed to make the drastic changes required, and there are still people out there who deny that global warming or other similar circumstances exist. Even scientists can’t convince them anymore, so I wanted to dedicate this to such thoughts. The record is there to create awareness for certain topics, but I didn’t want to make it too heavy. It’s more like a very playful way of dealing with our perspectives."

Hauschka plays London's Village Underground on 30 May. Tickets are on sale now.


  1. I Can’t Find Water
  2. Constant Growth Fails
  3. My Kids Live On Mars
  4. I Need Exile
  5. I Can’t Express My Deep Love
  6. Nature Fights Back
  7. Familiar Things Disappear
  8. Trees Only Exist in Books
  9. We Live a Thousand Years
What If is released 31 March via City Slang (Temporary Residence in the US).