"Dorian's Closet" is the second single to be released from the sibling three-piece's forthcoming third album, Let Yourself Be Seen, after last month's "General Hum".

Expanding on their new single, DOOMSQUAD offer, "Dorian Corey was at the heart of the NYC ballroom / vogue scene in the early '80s. She was a role-model and matriarchal figure for a lot of queer POC youth. When she passed away, due to AIDS, they discovered a mummified body in her closet dating back to 15 years ago. The body was of an ex-con who was believed to be a controlling and abusive ex-lover, and she carried the body around with her from apartment to apartment over all those years."

On bringing the track to life with their visuals, the trio state, "We wanted to tell a much softer and gentler story about a drag queen. One where drag culture has become fully normalized and accepted by society. Where people can feel safe and empowered leaving the house in the middle of the afternoon in drag and carrying out normal day-to-day tasks. Removing the idea around drag culture being exclusively for the night, and carried out in ballrooms, and clubs."

Let Yourself Be Seen follows on from their 2016 sophomore release Total Time. Of their forthcoming album, the group says, "Let Yourself Be Seen was fuelled by the inspiration of outsider artists and thinkers before us. Through these songs, we get to glorify some of our heroes."

"Dorian's Closet" is out now. Let Yourself Be Seen lands 10 May via Bella Union. DOOMSQUAD will play London's The Victoria on 23 May. Find out more.