"Tough Baby" is the title-track and second outing from Crack Cloud's forthcoming album, following May's lead cut "Please Yourself".

Crack Cloud say of the new single, "Our body of work has been largely informed by some of the darker chapters in our lives; we’ve taken a moment to examine beyond that in "Tough Baby". The potency of the imagination, the magic and mystery of our world and its history from an adolescent gaze. We wanted to fall in love with our craft again by recalling the mysticism of our youth."

Tough Baby will be Crack Cloud's second album, following their 2020 debut Pain Olympics.

The group's Zach Choy revealed in May that the album title is title is "an allusion to our planet. To our culture. And to our selves."

"Tough Baby" is out now. Crack Cloud's Tough Baby album will land via Meat Machine / Crack Cloud Media Studio on 16 September, and is available to pre-order now.