"Lara" is Sassy 009's first single since dropping her KILL SASSY 009 EP last month, and is an ode to Microsoft era Lara Croft.

Speaking about the collaboration with Clairo, Sassy 009, aka Sunniva Lindgård, says, "We met for the first time during SXSW in 2018, Claire came and saw me (and what was then a trio) play. She and her friend Josh reached out to me immediately after the gig and told me that they loved "Are You Leaving". At that point I only knew Clairo from Instagram, but knew that she was (still is lol) a popular artist, and I remember I thought to myself - I really appreciate her and her friend coming up to me and actually telling me that. Then we hung out a little later that week, also together with Claud."

Lindgård adds, "Later that year I was planning on going to New York City, and figured, since Clairo already said in an interview that she wanted to collab with Sassy 009, why not try and make this happen when I’m already going transatlantic! So we made that happen. I went to Atlanta, spent three days in the studio with Clairo there, and then took off to New York. That was the birth of "Lara". Haven’t seen her since, but social media can make our planet feel small sometimes. Looking forward to meeting in the future again. "Lara" is an epic song, and I think it really reflects some very cool qualities both Claire and I have as musicians, and first of all - as humans."

"Lara" is Clairo's first feature since teaming up with Mura Masa on "I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again" in August.

Sassy 009 and Clairo's "Lara" single is out now via Luft Recordings.