After BloodPop confirmed last month that he was "working" on getting a Charli XCX remix of "911", Charli XCX has confirmed that "the creation process has begun" on Twitter.

Shortly after, BloodPop asked Charli XCX on Twitter, "Hey Charli XCX how’s that remix coming", leading Charli XCX to respond, "I’ll send you an idea this week...."

On Tuesday (11 May) Rina Sawayama also confirmed she had "done my bit" for the Chromatica remix album, and while she didn't provide any information about what song she'll be on, Sawayama did say, "It's a song that's hard to sing with my new braces."

Yesterday (12 May) Charli XCX shared on Twitter that she had been texting with Sawayama "about making a song".

Last week Charli XCX finally united with A. G. Cook on "Xcxoplex", a rework of last year's Apple track "Xxoplex".