Last night (4 April) BloodPop teased fans with the possibility of a remix of Lady Gaga's Chromatica album on Twitter. He wrote, "In theory - which artists would y’all want to see on a Chromatica remix album (and on what song)."

After tagging Rina Sawayama in another tweet hinting that she may make an appearance on the yet-to-be-confirmed remix album, BloodPop also spent some time responding to fans, one of which asked for a Charli XCX remix of "911". BloodPop responded, "Working on it!"

Last month Charli XCX revealed that BloodPop had mentioned doing a remix of "911" but "nothing came of it". BloodPop replied to Charli XCX's tweet with a screenshot of texts between the two, which showed that BloodPop had sent the stems for "911" in November, but Charli XCX revealed she never got them, and added that if she can get them "we can figure something out in the future".

Multiple people requested Doss for the Chromatica remix album, which led the producer to reply: "Obviously". Lil Nas X was also suggested, to which BloodPop responded: "I wish". There were also numerous requests for the Haus Labs remix of "Babylon", which BloodPop said he "will include", further hinting that the Chromatica remix album might be on its way.

Over the weekend DJ White Shadow revealed he sent a text to Lady Gaga after a petition for Gaga to release ARTPOP Act II was launched, which has since passed 25,000 signatures.